• Healing Technologies is a pioneer in the manufacture of Patient Identification Name Tags for various Applications. We are the only manufacturer in India who offers custom made Tags with the hospital name and logo as well as Plain Tags.
  • “Identification Simplified” is the main motive of the Company to ensure error free treatment to Patients with the simple method of using Tags. This also reduces pressure of the staff attending to the Patient.
  • We supply to over 800 Hospitals in India and export some of our Products.
  • With a wide distribution network spread all over India, we supply to hospitals from Srinagar in Kashmir to Kanyakumari.
  • We take utmost care keeping the Patient in mind while designing the Product.
  • Product range includes regular tags for In-patients, Special tags with International colour codifications for Medical emergences ie Triage, Alert Tags indicating Allergy or isolated patients and Mother and Child combination Tags.
  • Our Tags are as per requirement of norms by NABH- National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare.


A minimum Order quantity of 1000 Pcs in each type is to be ordered.
Tags will be custom made with the hospital name, logo and specified field markings.

Some of the large Corporate Hospitals we supply

Apollo Hospitals in various locations, Fortis Hospitals, Global Hospitals, KMCH, Sterling Hospitals to name a few. Government hospitals include Safdarjung Hospitals Delhi, Narayana Hrudayalaya, GB Pant Hospital and Govt. LD Hospital Srinagar, Govt. HQ Hospitals Usilampatti, Namakkal, Cuddalore, Ernakulam, Bhailal Amin Hospital Baroda Gujarat etc.


  • Skin Friendly polymer fiber reinforced paper
  • Tear resistant
  • Wash proof
  • Tamper-evident fixing (Button / Adhesive)
  • Use any pen for marking
  • Printing of Hospital Name, Logo / Emblem and Field Marking as per client requirement
  • Printing is done with non-toxic ink
  • Bactericide & Fungicide coated, for supplies to tropical regions
  • Available in a variety of colours and designs

Care is taken NOT TO USE ANY ALLERGY CAUSING MATERIAL or any Plastic/banned material.

Some materials with which Tags were made earlier by us and many other manufacturers world wide like Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC / Vinyls) or Rubber have been withdrawn by us as they are not favoured in most developed countries due to contra-indications observed.

Mother and Baby Combination Tags with matching serial numbering and individual tube packing. Available in Button held and Adhesive held variants.


  • » Standard colours : Blue, Green, Red, Pink, Yellow and White.
  • » Sizes : Adult, Child and New Born.
  • » Minimum Order quantity : 100 Pcs.
  • » Delivery : Within 48 hours from confirmed order.
  • » Payment terms : Cash on Delivery / 100% advance by cheque.
  • » Supply through Distribution network across India.

Why do customers select Healtec Products?

  • We are Pioneers in the field of Identification Tags in India
  • Due to our Experience and Innovation, We are a reliable source
  • Quality is of utmost importance. We use Medical grade material, non toxic inks and coat the Product with bactericide and fungicide solutions to avoid allergies
  • We have a wide Variety of Tags to choose from
  • Customer Service-Personal Attention is available from our Strong and Reliable Sales Team
  • Technological Upgradation to offer the best in class Products from time to time.


Mass Casualty Incident or Medical Emergency Services

Triage Tags is a tool first responders and medical personnel use during a mass casualty incident i.e., triage. With the aide of the triage tags, the first-arriving personnel are able to effectively and efficiently distribute the limited resources and provide the necessary immediate care for the victims until more help arrives.

Standard Sections Of A Triage Tag

The basic sections of a triage tag include:

  • The four colors of triage and they come in the form of:
    • Green: (Minor) which entails minor injuries
    • Yellow (Delayed) which entails non-life threatening injuries
    • Red (Immediate) which entails life threatening injuries
    • Black (Mortuary)
  • A section informing medical personnel of the patient's vital signs along with the treatment administered.
  • A section on the patient's demographics i.e., gender, residential address, etc. and the patient's medical history.

triage tags

Special Tags

  • Ophthalmic Tags - L R, Procedure
  • Master Health Check up / Medical Screening Camps
    • General Patients
    • Diabetic Patients
    • Ophthalmic Patients
  • Sterile Tags - with Surgical Procedure check list
  • NICU - Tags for Neo-Natal Intensive Care
  • Bar Coded Tags (sticker application on tags)
  • RFID Tags to be introduced

Alert Tags

Alert Tags are used along with regular Patient ID bands to indicate :

  • Adverse Drug Reaction
  • Caution
  • Patient movement restrictions
  • Isolation
  • Disturbed patients etc

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